December 19, 2007

$100 Million Lawsuit in Metro Bus Crash Death

A multi-million dollar lawsuit has been filed against Metro by the family of a man who was killed in a bus accident collision with a Metro bus.

Last April, the Metro bus, driven by Sandie Olosky, crossed over the center line and hit the truck driven by 21 year old Michael Dahlquist on Highway 164, near Enumclaw. His parents are seeking more than $100 million from Metro.

“Not a second goes by that we don’t miss our son,” said Jeff Dahlquist, father of the deceased.

The bus driver had 26 reckless driving complaints and 34 other conduct and speeding violations over a period of 10 years, prior to this Washington auto accident. Metro should have fired her long before t his, according to the Dahlquist family.

“Sandy Olosky’s Metro driving records show someone who was on a collision course with disaster, bound to kill someone someday. Unfortunately, that someone was our son Michael,” said Jeff Dahlquist.

The driver, Olosky, has not commented on the case. Though she was fired by Metro last month, the King County Prosecutor’s Office declined to file felony charges again her, because there was no evidence that she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or that she was driving at excessive speeds at the time of the accident.

A spokesperson for Metro also declined comment, due to pending litigation.

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December 17, 2007

Lawsuit Filed Against Driver Involved in Cyclist Death

An accident in September that resulted in the death of a bicyclist hit by a dump truck is now the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit. The family of the bicyclist is suing the truck driver and the Woodinville-based construction company that employed him.

The Washington motorcycle accident occurred on Eastlake Avenue East. The cyclist was riding north on Eastlake toward the University Bridge. A truck, owned by Nelson and Sons Construction, made a right turn onto Fuhrman Avenue East and hit the cyclist and another rider as they rode in the bicycle lane. The two men were pinned under the truck, and dragged 25 feet. Bystanders were able to free one man, who was injured, but the other man was killed almost instantly, according to .

Though Nelson and Sons declined to comment on the case and the driver of the dump truck could not be reached, the plaintiff’s attorney stated, “He failed to yield to them when they had the right of way.”

Neither rider was wearing a helmet as they rode north on Eastlake, approaching a construction site. A flagger directed them around the construction area, which was blocking part of the bike lane. The bikers hit the truck after going around the blocked area, as directed, and re-entering the bicycle lane. The truck was turning right into their lane. (According to the police report)

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December 14, 2007

Fatal Accident Causes Death – Company Fined

An employee of Avista Utilities died last May when he fell from an extended boom-truck lift. The accident occurred at Hiawatha Elementary School, in Othello, Washington. Avista confirmed last week that they intend to pay all fines associated with the Washington work injury accident.

The man died while helping conduct an annual science experiment at the school. Students design devices to protect an egg when dropped from different heights. The man died from head injuries and a school teacher was treated for broken vertebras after being thrown from the boom-truck lift when the base of the bucket arm broke away from the truck.

The Communications Manager of Avista said they plan to pay the $17,600 worth of fines, which include failure to ensure training, failure to ensure proper pre-start checks, and failure to ensure the employee wore proper equipment in case of a fall from the bucket. (According to the citation document)

In addition, the Othello School District received two fines for $6,300 for failing to provide training concerning hazards and safety requirements for working in a boom-truck. (According to state records)

According to Othello School District Superintendent George Juarez, the district is still reviewing the ciatations, as well as researching the proper course of action. They expect to make a decision next week. Avista is spearheading the investigation to determine the cause of the work injury accident.

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December 13, 2007

Bus Beating Victims to Receive Payment by Metro

Two teenagers were attacked and beaten by a group of youths while riding a Metro bus in 2005, and last week a jury ruled that King County Metro was negligent when the bus driver took no action to stop the attack.

In a civil case brought against the transit company, the Superior Court jury voted to award both plaintiffs $125,000 each in damages. Attorneys for King County had argued throughout the trial that the driver didn’t see the assaults as they were happening.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs claimed that the driver was partly to blame. They said he should have called his dispatcher for back up when he saw a “rowdy” group of teenagers boarding the bus late at night, and that he also should have radiod for police help once the assault began. One plaintiff attorney said, “He’s got an emergency alarm, he’s got mirrors, he’s got a PA system. He’s got tools….three of the young passengers were left to fend for themselves.”

Another attorney for the plaintiffs stated, “The driver’s job…is to be the eyes and ears of Metro. Why didn’t (his) instincts say, ‘Uh-oh’?”

After the assault, the teenagers were treated for bruises and cuts at Harborview Medical Center and released. But, according to, both have suffered an emotional toll, including increased stress, hyper vigilance, fear of strangers in certain public situations and flashbacks.

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December 10, 2007

Train Strikes Car, Driver Killed

Saturday night, a car was hit by a train and the driver killed at a railroad crossing in the Vancouver, Washington area. The crossing was located on private property.

The train, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad freight train, was heading westbound. Just after 8:30pm, it struck a station wagon. The Washington Auto Accident happened in the 17200 block of the Old Evergreen Highway.

Vancouver police officers and fire fighters rushed to the scene, but reported that the driver was already dead when they arrived. The driver was still inside the vehicle. According to investigators, the car was knocked nearly a mile down the tracks due to the impact.

Information about the driver involved in the Seattle Car Accident has not yet been released, according to

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December 3, 2007

Motorcyclist Killed in Collision with Dump Truck

Early Tuesday morning, a Seattle man died in a motorcycle accident when the bike he was riding collided with a dump truck.

According to Sergeant Jeff Johnson, the motorcycle was heading north on East Lake Sammamish Parkway. It then struck the side of a dump truck. The dump truck was turning left from 229th Avenue Southeast.

The driver of the motorcycle, a 44 year old man whose name has not been released to the media, was killed instantly. The intersection was blocked off for several hours while witnesses were interviewed and relevant measurements were taken.

No comments were made by Johnson as to which driver was at fault. Also uncertain was which driver had the right of way before the truck accident occurred.

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