June 29, 2009

Small Plane Crash in Washington Leaves 2 Dead, 1 Injured

According to authorities, a father and his young son were killed in a single-engine aviation accident in Washington State. The man’s 5-year-old daughter was critically injured.

The Yakima County Coroner’s Office says that the 37-year-old man, from Yakima, Washington, and his 13-year-old son were killed in the crash that occurred Sunday afternoon.

The 5-year-old daughter suffered multiple fractures, as well as head injuries, and was first taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, before being airlifted to a Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center.

The rented plane, a single-engine Cessna, went down near the east end of Rimrock Lake, about 40 miles west of Yakima.

Allen Kenitzer, regional spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, says he isn’t sure of the plane’s destination or point of departure. The tragic crash is being investigated.

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June 26, 2009

Thurston County Hit and Run Accident Leaves Boy Seriously Injured

Tuesday night in Thurston County, a 5-year-old boy was badly hurt in a hit-and-run accident. The boy sustained serious facial injuries and was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

According to troopers, the boy was in a car that rolled across Yelm Highway. They believe that the car was either hit or cut off by another vehicle. The car ended up running through the fence of a golf course.

The suspect, who had two dogs in his car according to the police, kept driving after the Washington car accident. He was later found at a veterinarian's office, where he was taken into custody.

An adult and another child in the vehicle that rolled were taken to local hospitals.

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June 19, 2009

Kirk Bernard Launches New Auto Product Liability Website

Kirk Bernard of the Bernard Law Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website focusing on the legal arena of auto product liability law. The website, http://www.washingtonautoproductliabilityattorneys.com focuses on detailing the latest in auto product recall news, offering consumers information and advice on automobiles and automotive parts that have been deemed dangerous.

The Bernard Law Group hopes to share its substantial experience litigating these types of cases with the public for the purpose of educating and warning drivers throughout the state of Washington about the dangers of the automobiles they commute in daily. The group also hopes to reach out to those individuals who may have been injured due to a defective auto product and offer them an opportunity to not only share their story, but also pursue just compensation under the law.

The public has the right to expect that auto manufacturers will produce a safe product built with the highest quality materials available. A manufacturer is expected to stand behind its product, and the public should demand accountability from the manufacturer for injuries caused by the product. When automakers fall short of that goal and put profits ahead of the safety of their consumers, injured individuals have a right to seek restitution for their losses through the legal system.

The Bernard Law Group is a limited liability company. For two decades, we have applied our collective experience and knowledge exclusively to personal injury. We have been successful in obtaining millions of dollars for our clients in a number of settlements and trial verdicts. If you or somebody you love has been injured due to a defective auto product, contact the Washington auto product liability attorneys at The Bernard Law Group today for a consultation of your case.

June 15, 2009

Tests Show Higher Risk for Small Cars in Crashes

The website latimes.com reported in an article on April 14, 2009 that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recently published the results of a series of crash tests. The Institute crashed a Honda Fit into a Honda Accord, a Smart ForTwo into a Mercedes C-Class, and a Toyota Yaris into a Toyota Camry each at 40 miles per hour. Test results showed that small cars may be more efficient but your safety is definitely compromised. The vehicles were tested in “offset” crashes in which the cars do not crash head on; instead, the collisions are made to simulate the type of collision that would occur during an auto accident if a car had veered over the center line where the damage can easily break into the passenger compartment. The institute believes that the cars sustained enough damage that their occupants would also have suffered moderate to serious injuries.

Adrian Lund, president of the Arlington, Virginia based institute said, “Though much safer than they were a few years ago, minicars as a group do a comparatively poor job of protecting people in crashes, simply because they're smaller and lighter. In collisions with bigger vehicles, the forces acting on the smaller ones are higher, and there's less distance from the front of a small car to the occupant compartment to 'ride down' the impact. These and other factors increase injury likelihood."

Dave Schembri, president of Smart’s U.S. operations said the tests were an example of “rare and extreme” accidents. The Smart ForTwo meets or exceeds all U.S. government crash-test standards. The other manufactures released similar statements.

Everyday trusting consumers use a variety of products, such as automobiles, electronics and medications, and do not think of the harmful effects that those products may have on them. If companies produce dangerous or faulty products, they can cause serious bodily injury or even death to innocent victims. A product manufacturer assumes responsibility regarding the consumer. The public has the right to expect that a manufacturer will produce a safe product built with the highest quality materials available.

If you have been seriously injured in an car accident in Seattle, the Bernard Law Group can help you determine if the manufacture was at fault. They have been representing the victims of wrongdoing for years. Their team of devoted Washington defective product attorneys represents those persons who have suffered monetary loss, serious injury, personal loss and future damages due to negligence, including but not limited to, recalled products, auto product liability. Please call 1-800-418-8282 for a free consultation.

June 8, 2009

Bus Safety Review after Fatal Bus Accident Ordered by Transportation Boss

The website philly.com reported in a storyon April 29, 2009 that Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation has plans to order a full departmental review of motor coach safety. This action comes a day after five people were killed when a tour bus carrying French tourists crashed in Soledad, California a small town located in Monterey County. The wrongful death accident prompted the California Highway Patrol to close highway 101 in both directions.

Spokesperson for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Rae Tyson, stated that the review was issued after an April 21 hearing into a crash in Utah that killed nine people in January 2008.

In 1999 the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that the highway administration develop bus construction standards to reduce injuries during collisions and rollover accidents.

Tyson stated he expected the agency to present new bus safety policies by the end of the year.

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June 2, 2009

Multiple Seattle Car Crashes on I-5 Results in Injuries

Tuesday morning during rush hour, a multiple vehicle crash occurred on southbound Interstate 5 at Northgate. Apparently, this crash led to a second, more serious crash in the northbound lanes when a motorcyclist struck an ambulance.

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According to SeattleTimes.com, a motorcyclist, riding north on Interstate 5 near Northgate this morning apparently became distracted by the commotion on the other side of the freeway as emergency workers dealt with the aftermath of three, near-simultaneous collisions that blocked southbound lanes for nearly two hours.

Washington State Trooper Cliff Pratt said that the 29-year-old Seattle man on the motorcycle "was watching the accident scene the entire time" and was illegally listening to music with ear buds stuck in each ear. "He wasn't paying attention", Pratt also said, and he slammed into the back of an ambulance that had parked in the northbound carpool lane, narrowly missing an EMT who had gone to her rig for medical supplies to treat patients involved in the earlier crashes.

Pratt also said it's illegal for drivers to have headphones on or ear buds in both ears, though it's fine to drive with one ear bud so long as you can hear surrounding noises. The motorcyclist will likely be cited for inattention to driving, he said.

"He's not as bad as we first thought," Pratt said. "He's definitely messed up but it looks like he's going to make it."

By 8:30am, southbound lanes were completely reopened. Northbound lanes were cleared by approximately 9:30. But traffic was backed up for miles in both directions starting about 6:40 a.m., when seven southbound vehicles were involved in three separate car accidents in Seattle that caused one vehicle to roll onto its top and skid across into the carpool lane.

Though only minor injuries were sustained in that accident, southbound traffic was backed up during the morning's commute more than six miles, to Lynnwood.

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