$100 Million Lawsuit in Metro Bus Crash Death

A multi-million dollar lawsuit has been filed against Metro by the family of a man who was killed in a bus accident collision with a Metro bus.

Last April, the Metro bus, driven by Sandie Olosky, crossed over the center line and hit the truck driven by 21 year old Michael Dahlquist on Highway 164, near Enumclaw. His parents are seeking more than $100 million from Metro.

“Not a second goes by that we don’t miss our son,” said Jeff Dahlquist, father of the deceased.

The bus driver had 26 reckless driving complaints and 34 other conduct and speeding violations over a period of 10 years, prior to this Washington auto accident. Metro should have fired her long before t his, according to the Dahlquist family.

“Sandy Olosky’s Metro driving records show someone who was on a collision course with disaster, bound to kill someone someday. Unfortunately, that someone was our son Michael,” said Jeff Dahlquist.

The driver, Olosky, has not commented on the case. Though she was fired by Metro last month, the King County Prosecutor’s Office declined to file felony charges again her, because there was no evidence that she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or that she was driving at excessive speeds at the time of the accident.

A spokesperson for Metro also declined comment, due to pending litigation.

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