Seattle’s New Traffic Camera Focuses On Pedestrian Safety

pedestrian accident seattleOn Wednesday, Seattle got its first “Don’t Block the Box” traffic camera. The device was set up on 4th Avenue and Battery Street and drivers caught violating the law are being photographed and will receive a warning letter. Repeated law violators are expected to be ticketed $75 for blocking crosswalks and intersections.

The busy intersection has signs and pavement markings in place to help drivers identify where the “box” begins. The camera is being placed strategically alongside busy intersections such as 4th Ave at Jackson Street, 5th Ave at Olive Way and Westlake Avenue at Valley Street.

Thankfully, the presence of this type of device will help to discourage bad behavior.

According to officials, in addition to blocking sidewalks, officials will be using the traffic cameras to crack down on anyone driving on transit lanes at five intersections around the city. This effort could help pedestrians be safer, as drivers will be less likely to block pedestrian crosswalks. To drivers, this is an opportunity to be more focused on what is going on around the road so they do not end up in the crosswalk if they miss congestion coming up.

Pedestrian Safety Should Always Come First

Recently, officials noted that pedestrian accidents are on the rise across the state of Washington. More pedestrians are dying in traffic accidents than in the previous years, and officials were horrified to learn that the increase began to occur during the pandemic.

As traffic safety agencies work on new and ongoing campaigns to help prevent pedestrian accidents, it is important that efforts such as the introduction of Don’t Block the Box” traffic cameras are also being implemented.

As personal injury attorneys, we worry about the safety of our clients and hope that city and state officials are also equally worried, and hoping that their efforts will pay off.

If you are a driver and you put safety first, help to keep crosswalks safe for pedestrians by never blocking them.

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