16 Car Pile-up on Northbound I-5

Five separate crashes, involving 16 vehicles, slowed traffic Friday on I-5 between Burlington and Mount Vernon. This caused major problems for holiday shoppers driving to local malls. The automobile accidents included two hit-and-run drivers who troopers are still looking for.

“Everyone stopped and there was a semi in front of me and just, there it is,” said one driver, slapping his hand to show how quickly the truck accident he was involved in happened.

One bad move started the whole mess at approximately 11:30am. Traffic crossing the Skagit River Bridge started to back up. “We had a couple of cars slow down on the bridge, one of those was struck and basically a chain reaction after that,” said Trooper Keith Learn, of the Washington State Patrol.

One driver involved in the Washington Car Accident was pushed up against a concrete barrier, and almost went over. “I had no clue what was happening. I thought for sure we were going into the river,” he said.

The freeway was shut down for about an hour and a half, which led to traffic being backed up for miles. Paramedics took the injured to the hospital for treatment, but surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt.

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