After Injury Incidents Are Reported, Kia Launches Recall

Kia has recalled thousands of vehicles nationwide. The campaign was launched after the firm received several complaints, which included injuries.

According to the firm, the 2015 through 2018 Kia Sedona minivans come with power-sliding doors that may not stop moving, even when they hit an obstruction while closing.

Since a person may be entering or exiting the vehicle while the door is in action, injuries may ensue.

At least 106,428 vans have been impacted.

At first, the firm learned that 21 customers complained about the issue. At least 14 claimed the incidents resulted in injuries.

Kia was only able to confirm two of these cases.

We urge our readers and all clients to stay alert. This issue was only brought to the company’s attention after people were injured. Many other recalls were launched under the same circumstances. And that’s why car owners should not ignore signs that your vehicle has an equipment issue.

Kia has announced that it is working with a supplier to have all power-door control modules reprogrammed. This will lower the threshold for detecting obstructions, making incidents less likely to happen.

The company will begin contacting impacted car owners this month.

We hope this issue is addressed promptly. Do not wait until you’re involved in an accident to act.

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