Car Collision in Lacey Leaves 7 Injured

Seven people have been hospitalized following a head-on car crash in Lacey. Police are still investigating the Washington Auto Accident.

According to the Lacey Police, the collision happened on Tuesday, October 30th, 2007, near Ruddell Road and 45th Avenue. Involved were six teenagers driving a Honda, and one woman in a sport utility vehicle.

The details of the Washington Car Accident have not been sorted out yet by police, but it is known that the teens were driving southbound on Ruddell Road new Raininer Vista Community Park. The woman was driving northbound. The two vehicles collided, though the police have not yet determined who crossed the median.

Three of the four teens in the back seat were thrown out of the car, due to the strong impact. None of the teens in the back seat were wearing seatbelts. Police have also stated that the car was over capacity. Two of the teens, including a 15 year old, were airlifted to Harborview Hospital. The others, who only sustained minor injuries, were treated at a Lacey-area hospital and released. The woman driving the SUV was also treated and released from the hospital.

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