Downed Stop Sign Causes Street Intersection Car Crash

A 78-year-old man suffered injuries in a Washington auto accident after he failed to yield to another vehicle at a Cle Elum intersection on State Route 903. However, according to a news report in the Yakima Herald-Republic, this accident occurred because the stop sign at that intersection had been knocked into a snow bank. Thus, the injured driver had no idea he had to stop at that intersection and yield right-of-way to passing vehicles. The man was making a left turn as another man in a Chevy pickup truck was passing the intersection. Police say neither driver will face charges. The 78-year-old man suffered shoulder and ear injuries.

If a vehicular accident is caused by a dangerous condition on the roadway, the injured victims could file a claim against the city or governmental entity responsible for the maintenance of that roadway. In this particular case, it is important to look into when the stop sign fell and for how long it was not fixed. If a reasonable amount of time passed without the stop sign being fixed, then the responsible governmental agency could be held liable for the injuries caused to the 78-year-old man. When it comes to governmental entities or agencies, there are time limits within which you need to file your personal injury claim. So, it would be in your best interest to contact a qualified and experienced Washington car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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