Fatal Accident Causes Death – Company Fined

An employee of Avista Utilities died last May when he fell from an extended boom-truck lift. The accident occurred at Hiawatha Elementary School, in Othello, Washington. Avista confirmed last week that they intend to pay all fines associated with the Washington work injury accident.

The man died while helping conduct an annual science experiment at the school. Students design devices to protect an egg when dropped from different heights. The man died from head injuries and a school teacher was treated for broken vertebras after being thrown from the boom-truck lift when the base of the bucket arm broke away from the truck.

The Communications Manager of Avista said they plan to pay the $17,600 worth of fines, which include failure to ensure training, failure to ensure proper pre-start checks, and failure to ensure the employee wore proper equipment in case of a fall from the bucket. (According to the citation document)

In addition, the Othello School District received two fines for $6,300 for failing to provide training concerning hazards and safety requirements for working in a boom-truck. (According to state records)

According to Othello School District Superintendent George Juarez, the district is still reviewing the ciatations, as well as researching the proper course of action. They expect to make a decision next week. Avista is spearheading the investigation to determine the cause of the work injury accident.

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