Halloween Costumes Can “Mask” Toxic Dangers

Blocked vision and dark outfits are not the only dangers to be concerned about when choosing a Halloween costume for you or your child. Just as there are toys which have recently been recalled for toxic dangers, Halloween costumes are proving to be a potential hazard as well.

According to a report on www.king5.com , Halloween items that were purchased from a variety of outlets, including Fred Meyer, Halloween Express, and Value Village, were taken to the Washington Toxics Coalition, which uses an X-ray gun to detect toxins. Lead was found right away.

In one costume made by Fun World which contained a medallion to be worn around a child’s neck, 121 parts-per-million of lead was detected. Lead was also found in “Little Brat” party favors, skull bracelet, and pirate sword. Some of the chemicals found in items are associated with toxins like Phthalates that are linked to male reproductive and asthma problems. Erika Schreder, of the Washington Toxics Coalition stated, “I would personally be concerned about a child wearing a PVC mask that they would be getting exposed to phthalates.”

Additionally, some items contain the industrial toxin cadmium. The toxics coalition advises avoiding rubbery masks that often contain phthalates or cadmium or lead. Also, heavy jewelry items could contain lead. Good news is, fake teeth tested did very well, and though some had low levels of phthalates, they were overall non-toxic.

You can’t be too careful with your or your child’s health and safety this Halloween. If you or a loved one determine that you have been exposed to these potentially harmful chemicals, contact the personal injury attorneys at www.4injured.com

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