Hit and run leaves Kingston man dead.

A man was found dead near the Kingston ferry landing on a dark rural road. Though no vehicle was in sight, he was surrounded by broken glass.

The man is believed to be 85 years old and a resident of the area. He was apparently out for a walk when the pedestrian accident happened, at approximately 6pm.

“Initial evidence indicates that the individual was struck by a motor vehicle and the motor vehicle is no longer on scene, neither is the driver,” said Deputy Scott Wilson, Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

“I saw a car slamming on their brakes, and headlights, and a screeching like they couldn’t stop,” a witness described.

“I heard like a thump, like something got hit, and I heard screeching” said another witness. “I saw it pull into a driveway, turn around and then look at what it hit, and then speed off,” he said.

A car believed to be involved in the Washington pedestrian accident has been located by police.

It was not immediately clear if the driver will face charges.

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