Increase in lawsuits regarding Plastic Bottles

There has been an increase of legislation and lawsuits involving plastic water bottles across the country. In the suits, the plaintiffs claim that toxic chemical in plastic bottles could make people sick.

The chemical in question is known as bisphenol A (BPA), and it is found in polycarbonate bottles, CDs, DVDs and dental sealants. BPA been linked to neurological and hormonal damage, and cancer.

Up to now, the Food and Drug Administration has not labeled BPA as an unsafe product, but in April a task force was formed by the FDA to investigate new health concerns.

But in the meantime, private lawsuits are rolling in. In California, a class action is pending against the makers of the Nalgene reusable sports bottle, claiming the company downplayed risks that BPA in its bottles could sicken consumers
According to, a class action is pending in Missouri against five baby-bottle manufacturers. The suit accuses them of failing to disclose information regarding the health effects of BPA used in baby bottles and training cups.

Similar billion-dollar class actions also are pending against baby-bottle makers in Kansas and Los Angeles, where the retailers who sold the bottles are also being sued.

“What they’re doing is they’re poisoning children,” said plaintiffs’ attorney Robert Weiss of New York’s Law Offices of Robert H. Weiss, who is handling three class actions involving BPA products. “There’s no doubt that it’s harmful.”

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