Judge Rules in Favor of Dole – Several Related Cases May Be at Risk

A Los Angeles judge has dismissed two lawsuits that were filed against US Food Giant Dole by Nicaraguan banana plantation workers, according to a recent report on abcnews online. The lawsuits alleged that Dole was guilty of exposing plantation workers to harmful pesticides. Litigation was fueled by previous lawsuits that opponents of the Food Company had won in Nicaragua.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Victoria Chaney dismissed the lawsuits on the grounds of fraud and attempted extortion. She made her ruling after hearing testimony that detailed a scheme to recruit men who would claim they were rendered sterile by exposure to a pesticide in the 1970s.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge sighted a litany of judgments coming from Nicaragua, from crooked judges who were ‘devouring bribes’. She was quoted as saying:

“What has occurred here is not just a fraud on the court, it is blatant extortion on the defendant…the record is so outrageous and profound.”

In this story, we have a case of a work injury claim that turns out to be totally fabricated. It is a sad truth that many unscrupulous lawyers and plaintiffs for their own selfish ends will attempt to take advantage of the laws that are in place to protect the rights of those who are injured on the job. They truly do a disservice to the hard working individuals who are legitimately hurt while working.

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Source report:http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=7414313

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