Kirk Bernard Launches New Auto Product Liability Website

Kirk Bernard of the Bernard Law Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website focusing on the legal arena of auto product liability law. The website, focuses on detailing the latest in auto product recall news, offering consumers information and advice on automobiles and automotive parts that have been deemed dangerous.

The Bernard Law Group hopes to share its substantial experience litigating these types of cases with the public for the purpose of educating and warning drivers throughout the state of Washington about the dangers of the automobiles they commute in daily. The group also hopes to reach out to those individuals who may have been injured due to a defective auto product and offer them an opportunity to not only share their story, but also pursue just compensation under the law.

The public has the right to expect that auto manufacturers will produce a safe product built with the highest quality materials available. A manufacturer is expected to stand behind its product, and the public should demand accountability from the manufacturer for injuries caused by the product. When automakers fall short of that goal and put profits ahead of the safety of their consumers, injured individuals have a right to seek restitution for their losses through the legal system.

The Bernard Law Group is a limited liability company. For two decades, we have applied our collective experience and knowledge exclusively to personal injury. We have been successful in obtaining millions of dollars for our clients in a number of settlements and trial verdicts. If you or somebody you love has been injured due to a defective auto product, contact the Washington auto product liability attorneys at The Bernard Law Group today for a consultation of your case.

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