Medical Errors a Leading Cause of Death in United States

According to the Millennium Research Group (MRG), medical errors are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. The report states that there are approximately 98,000 deaths caused by medical errors annually. MRG conducted the analysis through the acute care clinical information system (CIS). CIS is a computer based inpatient system that is designed to collect, store, manipulate, and make available information that is important to the health care process. When medical professionals use CIS they are able to access and use information pertaining to a patient’s medical history and profile.

David Plow, a senior analyst at MRG stated, “Medical errors in the healthcare system arise from miscommunication, physician order transcription errors, adverse drug events, or incomplete patient medical records.” He goes on to say, “Generally, medical errors are caused by overcrowded, understaffed clinical areas with complex workflow patterns and incomplete or inefficient communication between clinic areas.” According to MRG, the use of CIS will help medical facilities provide adequate, timely care and help to reduce the amount of preventable errors.

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