Pedestrian Accident Kills Girl After She Is Hit By Two Cars

A report from stated on February 26, 2009 that Sherry Varo, 17, had been killed after being hit by two vehicles in this fatal pedestrian accident. Kerry Varo, 15, was also riding his bike that night when he witnessed the accident. He saw the pedestrian get hit by the first car and thrown into the next lane. Kerry Varo then attempted to wave at vehicles to stop but it was too late. A second car came and struck the victim dragging her more than 50 ft.

Kerry Varo immediately phoned his mother to let her know what happened. Police wanted to talk to witnesses so he would be getting home late. Kerry Varo was unable to see who got hit due to the velocity and darkness.

Kerry Varo’s mother, Silvia Varo, then walked from her home to the accident scene where the body of the 17 year old girl was still found.

Silvia Varo told the Register-Guard Newspaper, “I just thought it was just so sad, for whoever’s girl that was.”

When Silvia Varo returned back home and realized her daughter was not home yet, she walked back to the accident scene.

Crying Silvia Varo said, “It was my girl. She’s gone.”

Celebrating her 17th birthday just three day before her death, Sherry Valo was described as enjoying dancing and spending time at church. She often took on odd jobs to help her immigrant parents out.

Silvia Varo said, “She was just a beautiful girl, she was the perfect girl for me.”

Springfield police reports claim that Sherry was hit just after exiting a bus close to her house.

She attempted to run across a five lane road when she was struck. Police say that the second driver who hit her was a 19 year old man traveling at the posted speed of 40 mph.

Detective Robert Conrad, of the Springfield police said, “When you’re going that fast, it takes awhile to come to a stop.”

Each day in the United States innocent pedestrians are injured by negligent motor vehicle drivers. The effects on injured pedestrians can be quite serious, including broken bones, comas, paralysis, brain injury, and death.

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