Seattle Boat Explosion Injures Two

The reported in a story on February 28, 2009 that a pleasure boat exploded just west of Lake Union injuring one person and damaging another boat that was in close proximity. The joy boat was tied to a fuel dock when the Seattle boat explosion happened.

Workers at Morrision’s North Star Marine Fuel Dock, 2732 Westlake Ave. quickly jumped into action and doused the flames; otherwise, it could have been a much larger fire.

Craig Edwards, who was working on a nearby boat said, “I heard an explosion and I saw the guys at the fuel dock chopping the line, and pushed the goat out away from the fuel dock.” Edwards phoned the Seattle Harbor Patrol and “told them to get over here quick because it’s burning.”

Every year in the United States, thousands of people suffer physical injuries as the result of maritime accidents, including harbor workers, dock workers and longshoremen. Maritime laws apply to workers who are employed on floating vessels such as cruise ships, barge tugs, diving ships, cargo ships, fishing boats, tankers, drill vessels and barges.

There are certain risks and hazards which are unique to maritime professions and the laws regarding maritime injuries are different from any other work related injury laws. For example, most non-maritime employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation in Washington in the event that they suffer from an on the job injury, but maritime employees are not covered under Workers’ Compensation laws.

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