Seattle Man Killed in Rollover Car Accident

A 43-year-old Seattle man has been killed in a rollover car accident involving several vehicles on the Interstate 5 just north of Highway 518, the News Tribune reports. The victim was apparently driving a 1996 black Toyota Land Cruiser heading south on the 5 Freeway when there was a crash between a white Ford Crown Victoria operated by a taxicab company and a Toyota Land Cruiser. After the impact, the Toyota rolled over and landed on its roof where it was struck by a 2000 Toyota Camry. The driver of the taxi and the Camry were not injured, but the driver of the Land Cruiser, who authorities say, was not wearing a seatbelt, was pronounced dead. The incident is still under investigation.

In cases that involve multiple vehicles and victims, it’s always a good idea to get legal representation, especially if you’ve suffered serious personal injury and damages. That’s because in these accidents, the investigation is bound to be complicated and will invariably involve insurance adjusters and attorneys for several other parties. There will be conflicting reports and accounts from those involved in the accident as well as eyewitnesses.

If you are a victim or the member of a victim’s family, it would be in your best interest to avoid giving statements or signing papers before talking to an experienced Seattle car accident lawyer who will represent your best interests in this case. The skilled Seattle personal injury attorneys at the Bernard Law Group have more than two decades of experience and an excellent track record representing injured car accident victims.

A recent case we settled involved a young victim who was waiting for traffic to clear in the center turn lane so he could make a left turn. Suddenly, a driver shot out from a driveway and t-boned the young man’s car. The injured victim eventually needed surgery to repair a shoulder injury. The car accident attorneys guided by Kirk Bernard at the Bernard Law Group settled the young man’s claim for $25,000. Our lawyers then asked whether the man had underinsured motorist insurance. The young man was surprised to find that he did have this insurance coverage. The lawyers were able to settle his underinsured motorist claim for $25,000. We can help with your car accident case too. Call for a free consultation today.


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