Speed Traps Catch 471 Pierce County Motorists

Tacoma Pierce County DUI Task Force is trying to make the roads safer for drivers. On January 3rd, they conducted an X-52 speeding patrol 3 focused on enforcing the speed limit on State Routes 512 and 7 and on Meridian and 176th Streets where there are a significant number of speed-related crashes.

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According to the Tacoma Daily Index, 36 officers, deputies and troopers stopped 558 motorists and issued 288 speeding tickets. An additional 183 citations for unsafe driving were issued including driving aggressively or while suspended or, in the case of teenagers, in violation of intermediate driver’s license restrictions.

The Tacoma Daily Index reported that the special emphasis began at 8 a.m. when many of the roads had ice on them, also focused on stopping drivers who were driving too fast for the conditions.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission conduced a speed reduction project on the same roads in 2006 and 2007. This was done in conjunction with the task force in which almost 15,000 citations were issued and, as a result, speed was reduced as much as 70 per cent for people going at least 11 miles over the limit.

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