Thousands Of Mazda Vehicles Added To Takata Recall

Air bag issues are at the center of Mazda’s latest recall campaign.

According to the company, nearly 270,000 vehicles fitted with Takata air bags and made by Mazda have been recalled.

These vehicles are some of the millions of cars recalled in the United States because of exploding air bags. The metal inflators in these air bags may explode mid-deployment, that’s because the chemicals used to inflate the passenger and driver air bags may deteriorate over time. As a result, several parts of metal will fly into the vehicle’s cabin, exposing occupants to serious injury risks.

Overall, 37 million cars have been recalled in the United States because of the Takata air bag issue. Mazda has added several 2003 through 2008 models to the list.

Because this problem has led to injuries, some deadly, this recall should not be ignored by car owners. If you own a car listed under this recall, acting accordingly is essential. Otherwise, accidents that could otherwise be harmless may result in serious injuries.

For more on this recall, follow this link.

Stay alert to other campaigns that may impact a vehicle you own. And do not hesitate to contact Mazda for more details if you believe your car was impacted. Safety should always come first. And keeping up with recalls and getting your car fixed is an important part of that.

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