Tires Fall Off Semi, Again

Four times during the month of May tires have fallen off commercial trucks while driving on Northwest area freeways. A Bothell man was killed May 11th when a semi truck, driving northbound on I-5, lost several of its tires colliding with the victim’s van. On May 13th several cars driving on I-90 near Fall City were hit with wheels lost by another commercial vehicle. The third truck accident happened May 29th when a semi driving on I-90 in Issaquah lost two tires. One of the tires hit a car, causing no injuries. The second tire landed on a roof of a nearby home causing some property damage. Thankfully during the most recent incident, which occurred this past Wednesday, the tires bounced off into the shoulder causing no accidents or injuries. The truck was driving northbound on I-5 near Michigan Street and was in the far right hand lane of the freeway. According to the Washington State Patrol it is not clear why the tires fell off the vehicle.
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