Two Spokane Bars Cited in Fatal DUI Collision

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has issued citations to two Spokane bars in connection with a DUI car crash in December, which resulted in three deaths. According to an Associated Press news report, the driver who caused the head-on collision was “over-served” at the downtown Spokane bars – The Lion’s Lair and the BLVD. Officials say they want the BLVD’s license suspended for a month and are asking for a five-day suspension or a fine against the Lion’s Lair. The drunk driver apparently drove west in the eastbound lanes of the Interstate 90 in Spokane. The drunk driver, as well as two people in the other car, were killed in the collision.

This news, interestingly enough, comes around the same time as when Men’s Health and USA Today released a study listing Spokane 51st among the “Drunkest Cities” in the United States. In fact, Spokane ranked higher than Seattle on this list. By assisting drunk driving accident victims, Seattle auto accident lawyers are working to help lower the city’s ranking as the 64th drunkest city in the United States.

Washington is one of several states that have what is commonly referred to as “dram shop laws.” Under these laws, liquor establishments are required to serve alcohol responsibly. In the state of Washington, a restaurant or bar cannot sell alcohol to a minor, to someone who is obviously intoxicated, after hours, or without a valid liquor license. If a bar sells alcohol illegally, it can be liable for any death or serious injury caused by the illegal sale.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed by a drunk driver in Washington State, please understand that not only the drunk driver, but also the establishment that may have violated the law could be held liable under the state’s dram shop laws. To understand and request more information about these complex laws and your legal rights, please get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable Washington personal injury lawyer.

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