Washington Auto Accidents May Involve More Uninsured Drivers As Recession Grows

The washingtontimes.com website reported on February 16, 2009 in an article released by the Insurance Research Council that estimates that by next year, one out of six drivers may be driving without insurance. This would mean bad news for an uninsured driver or those involved in a car accident in Washington with an uninsured driver. As the nation’s economy worsens and more people are laid off, families are being forced to cut expenses including their insurance coverage. This translates into more than 3 million drivers behind the wheel without insurance than just five years ago.

David Corum, Vice President of IRC said, “We can’t explain why people drive uninsured. We just know that a certain percentage of people do, and it does change with economic conditions like unemployment.”

According to Corum, the percentage of drivers without insurance goes up ¾ of a percentage point for every 1% percent increase in unemployment nationwide.

Data from Travelers Cos. Inc. indicates that there has been a small rise in uninsured claims. They also warn that dropping your insurance coverage is not a wise idea.

William Pearse, St. Paul, Minnesota Co’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Design said, “Not having auto coverage could mean financial ruin if you are in an accident where property is damaged or individuals are injured.”

Auto accidents in Seattle change the lives of both the victim and their families. In fact, more than 6 million crashes were reported to police nationwide in 2007. Also an estimated 10 million or more crashes never get reported to police each year, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

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