Washington School Bus Accident at Railroad Crossing

The website wsp.wa.gov reported in a story on April 28, 2009 that a Battle Ground School Bus was rear ended on SR-503, just north of N.E. 149th Street while stopped at a railroad crossing. According to the Washington State Police, the driver of the bus, Nina Millard, 39 of Battle Ground, had stopped at the railroad crossing to clear it when a 2008 VW Jetta, driven by Jace Delgado, 22, also from Battle Ground, struck her from behind blocking both northbound lanes. Both drivers were wearing their seatbelts and were not seriously injured.

Delgado claims to have been following an SUV that made a lane change to the left at which point Delgado noticed the bus with its stop paddle deployed when he attempted to swerve to avoid a collision. Unsuccessful in his attempt he hit the bus and Delgados’s Jetta ended up partially underneath the bus.

An investigation by the Washington State Patrol concluded that Delgado was traveling at an excessive speed and it’s fortunate that no personal injury in Washington was suffered by anyone in this incident.

The United States employs approximately 450,000 school buses to transport children to school each day. There have been many cases of injuries and deaths related to school bus accident, including children being struck or run over by the bus, rollovers, and collisions.

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