Yellow license plate would be required for DUI drivers, under proposed WA bill

Drunk drivers in Washington State may soon have their own fluorescent yellow license plate.

Republican state senator Mike Carrell is sponsoring a bill that would require a person convicted of DUI to drive a vehicle with front and rear fluorescent yellow license plates.

The same thing was required in Ohio four years ago.

“I believe shame will keep people from doing it. Looking at somebody who is driving around with a fluorescent yellow license plate should be a good reason for others to decide ‘I don’t want to have my neighbors knowing that I’m a drunk,'” said Carrell.

Under the proposal, if someone is a convicted DUI offender and they’re caught driving without the special license plate, they could be charged with a Washington misdemeanor.

“Giving the public knowledge of who might be out on the roads with them that might be potentially dangerous is a benefit to the public,” said Carrell.

DUI drivers would have to drive with the special plates for one year, if the bill passes. There would be an exemption when driving work vehicles. It would go effect January 1, 2009.

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