You Can Repair Your Vehicle At The Shop Of Your Choice

The Washington Administrative Code 284.30.3903 provides that an insurance company must make a good faith effort to honor your request for repairs to be made in a specific repair shop and cannot arbitrarily deny your request. The insurance company cannot deny that the repairs be made at a specific shop due to the shop’s hourly rate if this does not result in a higher overall cost of repairs.

If the overall cost of repairs cannot be agreed upon, the insurer must:
(1) Provide you with the names of reputable repair shops reasonably close to you that can satisfactorily complete the repairs for the amount of their estimate; and (2) Make an appropriate notation in its claim file setting forth the reason it has rejected your request.

If you choose to take your vehicle to a repair facility in which the overall cost for a satisfactory repair is higher than the insurer’s estimate, you may be liable for any additional amount above their estimate.

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