$1.25M Awarded In Wrongful Death Suit

A jury in Tennessee awarded the family of a young mother more than $1 million in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Ginger Williams, 34 and suffering from end-stage renal disease, died one day after doctors released her from the emergency room at Maury Regional Hospital. According to her mother, doctors and the hospital neglected to give her daughter a blood test that would have detected an elevated, deadly potassium level. The jury ruled that Williams died after a break-down in communication kept her from getting proper medical care.

Doris Howell and her grandson were awarded $1.25 million.

Attorneys for the prosecution worked for three years to prove two doctors, two nurses and the hospital didn’t give the blood test to detect her elevated potassium level.

“The doctors and the hospital as a whole, I have every reason to believe, are good medical providers,” said attorney Rebecca Blair of Day and Blair, a Brentwood law firm. “We all make mistakes, they made mistakes.”

The judgment is believed to be the largest jury verdict in that count’s state court history in a wrongful death case.

The defendants maintained that they were not responsible for Williams’ death.

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