Tacoma man dies after being hit by 2 separate vehicles

Two separate vehicles hit and killed a 48-year-old man early Sunday morning in a Tacoma intersection. Both vehicles fled the scene after the auto accident and police are looking for the drivers.

Residents near the intersection of 38th and Fawcett say they’ve seen many bad accidents here. They say drivers frequently drive way too fast
Shortly before 2 a.m., Christy Lawson heard a noise outside her house.

“I heard kind of what I thought was like a thumping. I thought it was like a door closing, a car or a door or something,” she said. She realized something serious had happened when she saw police lights through the window a few minutes later.

“Lights and cops and unfortunately there was a man laying on the ground being treated by the ambulance,” she said.

“My neighbor’s dog was hit not too long ago. I’ve seen many dogs and animals hit. Killed. Our neighbor up the street got hit by a car, he lived, just earlier this year. It happens all the time,” said Lindsey Spaulding.

The man was hit twice by drivers who then kept on going. But fortunately, witnesses did get a good luck at both vehicles involved in the Seattle Car Accidents.

The first is described as a red Chevrolet S-10 crew cab pick-up, the year 2000 or later. It had dark tinted windows and silver 22-inch rims. The second vehicle is described as a white, 1998 four-door Lexus. It had gold trim and a tan-colored top.

Tacoma police are asking anyone with information about the accident or those vehicles to give them a call.

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