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A recent article reported that the McNeil unit of Johnson & Johnson has issued a voluntary recall of 57 lots of liquid Tylenol products, intended for use on infants and children, due to a plausible bacterial contamination. Many parents are shocked to learn that the reputable company revealed that a B. cepacia bacterium was found in a portion of raw material that went unused in the finished product.

Although no bacteria were discovered in the finished product that reached consumers, Johnson & Johnson decided to recall the products as a precautionary measure after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration. As skilled Seattle product liability attorneys, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry in instances such as these, especially when the lives of infants and young children are involved.

According to the report, the recalled products were manufactured between April and June and are made-up of almost two dozen varieties that include Infants’ Tylenol Grape Suspension Drops ¼ oz., Children’s Tylenol Suspension 4 oz. Grape, and Children’s Tylenol Plus Cold/Allergy 4 oz. Bubble Gum. Despite there being a very slim chance that any medical events will take place since the bacterium was not present in the finished products, the company released the following statement: “It was decided, as a precaution, to recall all product that utilized any of the raw material manufactured at the same time as the raw material that tested positive for the bacteria.”
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Merck & Co, the manufacturer of Vioxx, have offered to pay $4.85 billion in order to end the thousands of state and federal lawsuits over the painkiller. This is one of the largest drug settlements ever.

According to company officials, if the deal is accepted it would end 45,000 to 50,000 personal injury lawsuits. The lawsuits involve users of Vioxx in the U.S. who have suffered a heart attack or ischemic stroke after using the drug. An ischemic stroke is one in which blood flow to the brain is blocked.

“Without this settlement, the litigation might very well stretch on for years,” said Merck executive vice president Kenneth Frazier.

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