Puyallup Boy Dies At Monster Truck Show

The Seattle Times published an article on January 18, 2009 about the tragic story of a young 6 year old boy who was killed by flying debris launched from a Monster Truck during a performance in Tacoma, Washington. Crime scene investigators were taking a closer look at the drive train from a “monster” truck to try to determine why ripped parts came off the vehicle.

Sebastian Hizey 6, was struck with a metal ring-like object that came from the monster truck as it was performing doughnuts on the field. Jessie Hizey, the child’s father, was interviewed by the News Tribune of Tacoma and stated that a metal ring about 7-12 pounds flew at his son partially severing his skull. This accident may lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Hizey said, “You go out for a night of fun, and you loose your son.”

Sebastian was sitting on the grandstands about 20-25ft above arena field along with other family relatives.

Washington premises liability cases consist of accidents that take place as a result of unsafe conditions or negligent maintenance on property that is owned by someone other than the victim of the accident. In a Seattle premises liability case, it is the victim’s responsibility to prove that the owner or occupant’s negligence was the cause of the accident.

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