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Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in our nation. A recent report emphasizes this point as it discusses safety precautions at a Central Washington Hospital construction site. According to the article, the M.A. Mortenson Company project supervisor of the five-story building leads a crew of about 50 workers in stretching exercises to help prevent muscles from being pulled or strained. In addition to getting the workers warmed-up so that they aren’t injured while working in weather as low as 32 degrees, the project supervisor also warned the crew to be cautious of slippery conditions on the site resulting from the cooler weather.

The exercises these construction workers do stem from Mortenson’s Zero Injury safety program, which began in 1995. Based on the article, before this safety program was implemented, the company had a higher than average injury rate. Now however, the company has a lower than average industry injury rate. In fact, it recently broke the million mark for man-hours worked without any injuries occurring and resulting in lost work days. This number includes over 36,000 injury-free man-hours on the Central Washington Hospital site.
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The Seattle Times published an article on January 18, 2009 about the tragic story of a young 6 year old boy who was killed by flying debris launched from a Monster Truck during a performance in Tacoma, Washington. Crime scene investigators were taking a closer look at the drive train from a “monster” truck to try to determine why ripped parts came off the vehicle.

Sebastian Hizey 6, was struck with a metal ring-like object that came from the monster truck as it was performing doughnuts on the field. Jessie Hizey, the child’s father, was interviewed by the News Tribune of Tacoma and stated that a metal ring about 7-12 pounds flew at his son partially severing his skull. This accident may lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Hizey said, “You go out for a night of fun, and you loose your son.”
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Jennifer Sullivan, a Seattle Times writer, reported in an account on January 19, 2009 that the cause of the SeaTac apartment fire was still unknown to fire fighters. Two women who jumped from their balconies to avoid the fire sustained life-threatening injuries and were being treated at Harborview Medical Center. Flames broke out at the Emerald Place Apartments around 6:55pm, forcing young children to jump from their balconies to get away from the flames.

In all, seven people were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Approximately 100 people were left without a home in the area of the 3000 block of South 192nd street. Those affected by the fire may need to contact a skilled premises liability lawyer.

Spokesperson for King County Fire District said, “Everyone in this complex did a great job notifying their neighbors.” Moreover, Nelson stated that the apartment units did not have sprinklers, but were not required by law due to the building’s age. Officials estimated that 15 of the 48 apartments would not be habitable. On a gracious note, the building management opened up empty units and several tenants stayed there while others stayed with family and friends.
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