Road Rage Accident Sends Father and Baby to Hospital

A father and his infant baby were taken to the hospital July 7th after their vehicle hit a pole while fleeing a road raged driver. The incident began when the two drivers’ were involved in an accident on South Gold Street in Centralia. Reportedly, one of the drivers exited their car and began yelling at the second driver. The hostile driver kicked the other’s car and even threatened to shoot. The second driver, with his 8 month old child in the car, attempted to get away from the aggressive driver by leaving the scene and running a red light. The hostile driver followed the fleeing car. The two vehicles were reportedly seen ramming each other’s cars. The chase ended when the fleeing driver either lost control or was forced off the road hitting a light pole. Both the father and his baby were treated and released from a local hospital. Police later found the hostile driver’s vehicle and arrested the driver and her passenger for second degree assault and reckless endangerment.

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