The Coalition Behind Washington’s Approve 67 Campaign Is Growing

The Approve 67 campaign announced today that Washington consumers, progressives, seniors, firefighters and labor leaders have officially endorsed the Approve 67 campaign. The group is working to pass new consumer protections against unfair insurance industry tactics and trends to deny legitimate claims.

“Thousands of honest, hard working people in Washington are forced to fight insurance companies over legitimate claims each year,” said Sue Evans, spokesperson for the Approve 67 campaign. “Referendum 67 says the insurance industry must treat people fairly. It’s a law that is long overdue.”

Referendum 67 would require insurance companies to pay legitimate claims in a timely manner and holds them accountable if they do not. If voters approve 67 in November, insurance companies would face penalties for unfairly treating consumers with valid claims.

The Approve 67 campaign released its first round of endorsements from local and national organizations that have pledged to support the campaign:
• ACORN of Washington State
• Center for Justice and Democracy
• International Association of Machinists #751
• Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans
• United Food and Commercial Workers
• WashPIRG (Washington Public Interest Research Group)
• Washington Community Action Network
• Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council
• Washington State Chiropractic Association
• Washington State Council of Firefighters
• Washington State Democratic Party
• Washington State Labor Council (AFL-CIO)
• Washington State Trial Lawyers Association
• 1st District Democrats
• 31st District Democrats
• 32nd District Democrats
• 37th District Democrats
• 38th District Democrats
• 44th District Democrats

The insurance industry has raised more than $1.7 million dollars in less than two months to mount a campaign designed to confuse voters about which campaign is truly supported by genuine consumer groups. The industry is paying signature gatherers to meet a July 21 deadline that would put the question to voters. The insurance industry campaign – Reject 67 – has created a phony consumer website as a companion to its massive television advertising campaign. The insurance industry wants voters to reject Referendum 67.

Washington’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner receives more than 4,000 complaints each year regarding insurance industry practices designed to reject legitimate claims and includes claims from homeowners, property owners, small business owners and injured citizens.

“By approving Referendum 67, Washington voters can protect their families from insurance industry abuses. We don’t need a million dollars to tell people what they already know – unfair insurance practices hurt innocent people and should be against the law.”

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