Students Scared After Distracted Driving ‘Drill’

Every now and then, official government entities launch campaigns and other efforts to fight distracted driving. But other groups are also part of the effort, attempting to promote safety within their circles and make sure that safety comes first.

While many of these efforts happen in other states, anyone who lives in Washington will agree that distracted driving is a serious issue. As I and my colleagues see these efforts having a positive effect in other states’ communities, I find it important to share the news, helping those who follow me and my work to learn more about the risks associated with driving while distracted.

In Wisconsin, an experiment in a high school prompted teens to think twice about using their phones while behind the wheel. But not before they went to the scare of a lifetime.

According to several local news reports, students from a local high school were told that some of their colleagues had lost their lives in car accidents. But moments later, the same students were told that the news wasn’t true, and that the entire ordeal had only been part of a campaign to put an end to distracted driving.

Despite the fact the school came up and announced that it all had only been a warning, many students cried after hearing about the death of their friends. Many reportedly called their parents to report on the news as well.

While the school reported that very few complaints were made, they also added that the drill was not meant to cause any stress among students. Nevertheless, the warning still stands. When young, inexperienced drivers believe they are immune to risks and distractions are allowed to get in the way, bad things happen.

That’s why teens and parents should always remember that safety should be a priority.

While this particular approach scared many young students, these types of drill are often important, simply because teens are not often confronted with reality. When young and inexperienced drivers experience the consequences of their actions in such a personal fashion, they tend to think twice before taking part in an irresponsible behavior in the future.

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