Pet Owners Have The Power To Avoid Dog Bite Incidents

Many dog bite incidents happen with animals victims are familiar with. It’s because of that reality that many victims of these horrific attacks are now speaking up.

To a mother whose child lost the left side of his face in a dog bite incident involving their own pet, this reality is all too real not to share the story with others. After the attack, which happened at home, the child was left with a jaw broken in two places. But that wasn’t the only injury the child sustained. According to the heartbroken mother, the child had his arm broken and his lung severely impacted.

By telling her son’s story, she hopes others will take the steps she didn’t take.

When it comes to pets, the victim’s mother now tells others, we must remember that dogs are dogs, not humans. Veterinarians agree. They also say that it’s important for pet owners to understand that dogs will attack under certain circumstances, even those the dog is familiar with.

According to a veterinarian who studies dog behavior, 77 percent of dog bite incidents involve pets who are familiar with their victims. But before these dogs attack, they will give people signs that they have had enough.

While many think that growling and barking alone are signs that they are stressed, those are not the only cues dogs may give. Instead, dogs may become squinty eyed, or they may start licking their lips. Some dogs yawn, and some get a furrowed brow look. When dogs try to shrink away or move away, they are also showing that they aren’t feeling comfortable. Some also show a more tucked body posture.

If the pet owner is unable to identify these signs, the dog may then turn to an aggressive mode, putting even those they are familiar with in danger.

If you’re a pet owner and you have children in the house, make sure to stay aware. Taking your dog to socialization classes may help to teach them to be better under stress. Still, knowing what signs you should stay alert to will help you to avoid serious and potentially life-threatening dog bite incidents at your own home.

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