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Tacoma is Washington state’s third-largest city, with approximately 202,700 residents. Known as the city of destiny, it was designated as the Northern Pacific Railroad’s western terminus in 1873. Tacoma is the second largest city in the Puget Sound region and the third largest in the state. Located 32 miles south of Seattle, 31 miles north of our state capital, Olympia, and 18 miles south of Sea-Tac International Airport, Tacoma has recently enjoyed a renaissance of sorts as more Washingtonians are calling the city home.

With such close proximity to major cities like Seattle and being a thoroughfare to and from centers of commerce and industry, the dangers on the highways in Tacoma have increased. Tacoma auto accidents change the lives of both the victim and their families. In fact, in the year 2001, over 3 million people were seriously hurt in motor vehicle accidents, and approximately 42 thousand people were killed.

The Bernard Law Group, has years of experience in auto accident and wrongful death cases in Tacoma. Our skilled and experienced team of Tacoma car accident lawyers will examine the facts, evaluate your claim, determine which parties and insurance companies are responsible, and organize all of the details of preparing and presenting your case.

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