Spokane School Custodian Sues Over Suicide Clean-Up

A lawsuit has been reinstated by the state appeals court, according to a seattletimes.com article. The lawsuit involves school custodian at Nine Mile Falls who was forced to clean up the bloody scene of a student suicide. The school district is being sued by the janitor for unspecified damages for post traumatic stress disorder.

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According to The Spokesman-Review, the suit that had been dismissed in Spokane County Superior Court was reinstated Tuesday on appeal.

The janitor is currently still working at Lakeside High School. In 2004, a 16-year-old shot himself in the head, and the janitor was made to clean up the blood. Nine Mile Falls is northwest of Spokane.
The lawsuit states that the janitor became emotionally distraught and physically ill cleaning up blood and tissue. Her lawyer, William Powell of Spokane, is claiming that the superintendent should have hired a professional cleaning service.

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