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The holiday season brings out everybody’s creative side. But when it comes to Holiday decoration that will be used outdoors only, some businesses tend to be a little too creative, increasing the risk of plane accidents.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, displays with lots of lights may pose risks to pilots. Since lasers can, sometimes, blind pilots temporarily, pointing lasers to the sky can be dangerous and even illegal.

While many of the holiday decorations we use come with warnings that explain the dangers associated with that specific product, faulty set ups may end up causing certain lasers to point higher than what the consumer originally intended. As a result, this may cause problems to pilots in an aircraft.

According to authorities, a father and his young son were killed in a single-engine aviation accident in Washington State. The man’s 5-year-old daughter was critically injured.

The Yakima County Coroner’s Office says that the 37-year-old man, from Yakima, Washington, and his 13-year-old son were killed in the crash that occurred Sunday afternoon.

The 5-year-old daughter suffered multiple fractures, as well as head injuries, and was first taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, before being airlifted to a Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center.

The rented plane, a single-engine Cessna, went down near the east end of Rimrock Lake, about 40 miles west of Yakima.

Allen Kenitzer, regional spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, says he isn’t sure of the plane’s destination or point of departure. The tragic crash is being investigated.
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