Your Holiday Decor May Pose Aircraft Accident Risks

The holiday season brings out everybody’s creative side. But when it comes to Holiday decoration that will be used outdoors only, some businesses tend to be a little too creative, increasing the risk of plane accidents.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, displays with lots of lights may pose risks to pilots. Since lasers can, sometimes, blind pilots temporarily, pointing lasers to the sky can be dangerous and even illegal.

While many of the holiday decorations we use come with warnings that explain the dangers associated with that specific product, faulty set ups may end up causing certain lasers to point higher than what the consumer originally intended. As a result, this may cause problems to pilots in an aircraft.

To avoid increasing the risk of a plane accident, consumers must listen to manufacturers and their instructions, doing all in their power to set up their displays as far away from the home as possible so the entire set shines on the home only, and not up toward the sky.

Hopefully, consumers like you are paying attention to the FAA and its recommendations so that you do not expose anyone to accident risks. But perhaps, what’s more important, is that companies producing these light displays are urging their customers to do all in their power to help the consumer understand how they should proceed to avoid serious consequences.

For more details on what the FAA recommends, follow this link.

At Bernard Law Group, we are often concerned with issues that could lead to accidents, putting consumers at risk. Certain products can make consumers liable for damages and injuries, and that’s one of the reasons why consumers should stay alert and focused to avoid risks. They should also always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you or a loved one was ever injured in an incident caused by a defective product or because the manufacturer failed to make sure its product was safe, you may have a product liability case. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation of your case. You shouldn’t be dealing with the aftermath of serious injuries caused by a negligent company on your own.

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