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Many dog bite incidents happen with animals victims are familiar with. It’s because of that reality that many victims of these horrific attacks are now speaking up.

To a mother whose child lost the left side of his face in a dog bite incident involving their own pet, this reality is all too real not to share the story with others. After the attack, which happened at home, the child was left with a jaw broken in two places. But that wasn’t the only injury the child sustained. According to the heartbroken mother, the child had his arm broken and his lung severely impacted.

By telling her son’s story, she hopes others will take the steps she didn’t take.

American Chronicle recently published a new article by Kirk Bernard regarding 2009 dog bite statistics. This type of data helps spread awareness about the dangers of dog attacks, thus helping prevent such bites and injuries from taking place.

Recently, a Seattle Washington dog bite victims’ advocate group has released statistics about dog attacks for the year 2009. According to the report by, in 2009 there were 32 fatal dog attacks in the United States. Pit bulls apparently accounted for 44 percent of all the fatal attacks. And pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the U.S. dog population! In 2009 alone, pit bulls and rottweilers together accounted for 56 percent of all fatal dog attacks. During the five-year period from 2005 to 2009, the same breeds were responsible for 70 percent of all the recorded deaths.

To learn more about dog bite statistics for 2009 and how you can help prevent dog attacks from happening, please read the entire article here.

A recently published article by Kirk Bernard on ArticleBase provides 7 tips to help Washington residents prevent and survive a dog attack. This information is valuable to know even if you do not anticipate being attacked by a dog. No one ever does. However, in the U.S. alone, approximately 5 million people are attacked by dogs every year and about 1,000 dog bite victims go to hospital emergency rooms every day. It is also helpful to know that laws in Washington State protect dog bite injury victims.

To learn more about how you can help protect you and your loved ones from dog attacks, or help you or a loved one survive a dog attack, please read the entire article by clicking here.

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